Our pistols are custom made to your specifications. Whether flintlock or percussion, your gun will be made of the best materials available, with attention to detail  and the fit and desire of the customer foremost in mind.

Underhammer pistols are our only "standard" product, and each one is different, according to the needs and wishes of our customers.

Please take a look at the photo gallery below to see a variety of what we've made, and let your imagination be your guide. 

Please call or write  for more information:

Phone: 360-341-1820

email: grey.haven@hotmail.com

Two Pistols for 2018

Terry's Pistol

A .40 caliber, 10" browned barrel, with adjustable rear sight, Terry's pistol is a left-hand model. The difference is in the pivoting safety, meant to be set to fire by the trigger finger. Also the grip is shaped for a left hand, though fits just fine for a right hand, too. His front sight is a wide brass blade.

Beau's Pistol

Fifty caliber, with a 10" browned barrel, Beau wanted a belt hook and a mounted ramrod, two firsts for my underhammer pistols. Beau has a large hand, so his pistol has a larger grip. He also wanted the adjustable rear sight, but has a thin steel front blade.

Building an Underhammer Pistol

I will be adding a new page, all about building these pistols. I plan on starting work on it soon!



Underhammer Pistols

Our underhammer pistols are built using a Billinghurst style action, which has four moving parts; trigger, hammer, mainspring/trigger guard, and trigger spring. The simplicity of design makes it extremely efficient and easy to maintain. Instant ignition is achieved by a straight path through the nipple into the powder charge. This is probably the easiest to clean muzzle loading firearm you will ever own!


  • Your choice of barrel length and caliber,.
  • Choice of fixed or adjustible rear sight.  
  • Silver, brass or steel front blade, and blade width.
  • Grip sized for your hand can also be custom shaped.
  • Choice of fire blued, bright polished, or browned barrel.
  • choice of grip finish.
  • Adjustible trigger available, as is trigger spur.
  • Pivoting safety is standard, and can be made for right or left-handed shooters. 

Basic price is $1500.00 USD

Trigger spur is $50.00

Adjustable trigger is $50.00

Other custom details are priced accordingly. 

Display case

As shown above, custom display cases are available for your pistol. Price depends on details of the case, and accoutrements added. These are custom made for each individual gun.

Inquire by email or phone regarding a custom case for your pistol.

JP's Flintlock Pistol

An example of our custom pistols. As all our guns, our pistols are custom built to your specifications. Only our underhammers have a base price; all others are priced according to complexity and detail. 

Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

JP's pistol is a .50 caliber flintlock with a 10" fire-blued barrel, stocked in curly Maple. With a bison horn nose cap and a Lignum Vitae butt cap, silver furnishings, wire inlay, engraving and a single set trigger, this is a special piece.  It lives in a custom case with a Purpleheart lid, complete with accoutrements.