Long Arms

Grey Haven Rifles are custom built from start to finish. Please take some time to look at the photo gallery below, and you will have an idea of the variety of arms we can build for you. Full stock, half stock, right or left handed, percussion or flint, smoothbore or rifle, target or hunting; your long arm will be built to your dimensions and desires. 

Call or write for more information;

Phone: (360)341-1820

Email: grey.haven@hotmail.com

Pocket Rifle; is it a rifle or a pistol? It's both!

The Rifle

As with all Grey Haven guns, grip and length of pull are made to fit our customer.  Caliber, barrel length, finish, sights and other details will be determined in consultation with you. Price is approximately $3200.

The Pistol

This one has a 16" .36 caliber barrel, with a fire blue finish.  The front sight has a shade ring that flips up or down. Standard on all our Billinghurst style underhammer rifles and pistols is our pivoting safety.

How it Fastens

One bolt fastens the stock to the grip, passing through the wrist piece and the reinforced grip, threading directly into the trigger bar for a solid, secure attachment.


The grip, wrist piece, and the action are shown here. Note the pivoting safety above the trigger. These are made for right or left-handed shooters.

How it shoots

A 50 yard target; the little pocket rifle puts'em where you point it. The .36 caliber shoots 000 buckshot, which makes it inexpensive to shoot.

Rear Sight

An adjusable rear peep sight. The apreture can be removed for a larger peep when shooting as a pistol.